Algae Blooms

Anticipate and Protect: High-precision Sargassum bloom predictions for coastal safety and leisure
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The escalating algae bloom invasions, typically Sargassum in regions like the Caribbean and South Atlantic, driven by rising sea temperatures and fertilizer emissions, demand innovative solutions. These events have led to significant damage on vital sectors like fisheries, ports, and tourism, with adverse effects on marine fauna and human health increasing each year.

Traditional monitoring methods involving speed boats and aerial surveillance have recently been replaced by automated satellite detection, although still with some limitations. While satellites provide real-time data on seaweed locations, they lack predictive capabilities and have time gaps between passes. To enhance algae bloom management, bridging this gap is the next imperative step.

DES’s unique software predicts Sargassum bloom trajectories with high accuracy within just minutes, based on our own metocean dataset and an automatized satellite image assimilation system. It provides advance warnings to authorities and tourist hotspots, allowing proactive measures to minimize impact to be taken days ahead, and so making coastal areas safer and more enjoyable.

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