Oil Spills

The future of Oil Spill Response: real-time GIS predictions with unmatched accuracy for effective marine protection
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The primary challenges in oil spill response today revolve around the urgent need to minimize the devastating environmental impact of spills in oceans and coastlines. However, without the ability to predict the oil’s path, effective response strategies are impossible to develop, including the placement of equipment and response teams, estimation of the spill’s spread over time, and identification of potential impact areas.

Failure to provide timely, accurate information during such incidents has profound and lasting consequences, affecting not only the environment but also the economy. Therefore, understanding their movement as floating slicks is essential, but it’s immensely complex due to the influence of currents, winds, and tides, which continuously deform and alter their conditions.

More than 20 years studying ocean dynamics have led to an oil spill drift modelling tool with a performance like no other. DES’s cutting edge solution predicts oil spill behaviour within just few minutes, leveraging real-time access to our extense metocean dataset to enable rapid response planning and contributing to protecting coastal and marine ecosystems.

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