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Transforming SAR: Predict object paths in under five minutes for maximized mission success
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In contemporary maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, several critical challenges persist. Locating missing objects, be it vessels, individuals, or containers, requires determining their future travel paths within the vast marine environment, and variability in marine and aerial search patterns demands the use of sophisticated modeling tools for mission success.

Unpredictable weather and sea conditions further complicate target trajectory predictions, making the determination of the correct search area an intricate task. Furthermore, time is of the essence in SAR missions, often involving life-or-death situations, so accurate SAR planning hugely relies on identifying likely search areas where targets might be located.

Our innovative SAR model swiftly and effectively predicts drifting objects’ paths such as missing persons at sea, as it offers precise deterministic trajectories, reducing search areas for optimal results. Cloud-based and IAMSAR Manual compliant, it delivers containment (POC) probabilities in under five minutes to maximize any SAR mission success.

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